Positive Vibrations



One aspect of living in Vermont Ski Country is watching friends trade up for bigger Mountain Landscapes. It’s a real drag to watch people you’ve connected with leave. At the same time I’m excited for them and jealous.

In the last couple weeks the Hosefros Clan has relocated near Reno, Nevada. This family has been 2 wheelin’ it all over NVT for the last decade, and are some cool people that I hate to see leave Waterbury.

Bike Mechanic Ron Murray also can now be found at the Johnson Dirt Jumps, instead of up under your carbon niner at Iride. Ron says they have plans to travel in the not-too-distant future as well. Ron has been sliding me deals and keeping my ghetto scene on the trails for the last 10 years. I allready miss his passion for bikes, and jumping them. Ron’s candor and genuine nature are too rare these days, and Ron and Penny are some real folks and you don’t find people like that often enough in life.

I selfishly hope you all hate it wherever you go. Safe travels! Good Luck, and thanks to the Murrays, and the Hosefros. Come back soon now, ya hear!

– Jersey Dave


  • Ron says:

    Thank you for the kind words Dave, typing with teary eyes is almost as difficult as fixing a rear hub with smoke coming out of the bearings or was it the brake pads… no both, separate times though……..

  • Thibault says:

    Allow me to add Matt Montross to this list of righteous humans. Matt has been one of our most prolific contributors to date. He has been a true friend and dedicated community spokesman. We will miss you my Friend. Godspeed… and save a couch for us out in Washington.

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