Aaron Rhode

Aaron Rhode

q: Where are you from and where are you going?

a: I’m from Dover NH, I’m trying to get to a place where I can surf and snowboard year round, and not have to work.

q:How did you get into photography?
a: My Dad stuck a camera in my hand when I was floundering around after high school with no ambition except to be a ski bum. A nikon 6006 with a 50mm 1.8.d

q:Where did you get your training?
a: University of Montana, went through all the photo J classes they had available, then the rest of my two years there were suppose to be writing classes. I said heck no to that and switch to photo art. When I got out of school and got my first job at a newspaper, I quickly realized that no school could prepare you for a full time photog job. The next five years was an intense learning period, as the industry shifted from film to digital. I was glad I got to actually work with film during my early years, spending hours in the darkroom. Now that I’m old and lazy, digital is awesome.

q: Biggest influence on your work?
a: I would have to say lately, that the biggest influence on my work is all the people on Facebook posting photos. There is such a variety of stuff to look at every day. When ever I see something cool, I’ll try and store that away in my brain to use while out shooting. I also love all the candid stuff, it reminds me that anything can be a great photo, it all depends on who is looking at it. One mans trash is another mans treasure.

q: Favorite/least favorite subject to shoot?
a: Weddings, because the cash is sweet. My favorite stuff to shoot would have to be random photo assignments for newspapers, you never know what your going to get out of it. It could be really cool or it could be lame but usually it will be something you’ve never thought about shooting. Also any event involving food and beer is always good. My least favorite is surf photography, I seem to last about 5 minutes shooting before I’m like ” F this, I’m going surfing”.

q: Beside photography, what is your creative outlet?
a: I like to cook noodles, I’m always trying to perfect my secret peanut butter sauce. I like trying out different noodles with different veggies or meats. Lately I’ve been on a baby boc choy kick, with egg noodles with a basic stir fry sauce. Don’t forget the Roland hot sesame oil, a must for any stir fry.

q: Odds you will win the comp?
a: It depends on how much it will cost to bribe the judges