Berne Broudy

Berne Broudy // Vermont

Writer, photographer and adventurer Berne Broudy began her career as a bike and hiking guide, with sidelines in international development and sustainable forestry. Berne spent a decade guiding and globe trotting in Europe and the Americas. After one of her clients prematurely ejected off a chairlift into a pile of rocks on a south American volcano, she was left with a herd of Bolivian llamas to deliver to their non-existent mountain top corral, and she had guns pulled on her at least three times in foreign countries, she knew the stories were too good not to tell. Berne has photographed on five continents and logged endless miles to get her shots on Vietnamese long boat, Asian rickshaw, Mongolian camel, Russian military vehicle, sea kayak, telemark skis, Chaco sandals and various contraptions with 24”, 26” and 29” wheels.

The biggest influence on Berne’s work has been her passion for the outdoors, and her desire to be in the heat of the action without being the one in danger of breaking all her ribs on a missed landing. Though her new year’s resolution was to get more air, she really prefers to be on the ground capturing other’s big air.

In addition to biking, Berne has shot skiing, kayaking, light aircraft, architecture, sailing and yoga for clients including Prana, Mountain Hardwear, Rossignol and publications including Bike, National Geographic Adventure, Skiing, Backpacker, Women’s Health and others. “I love riding my bike more than anything,” says Berne, “especially when I can drag my husband Mike and my dog Ember along. It inspires me, wakes me up, and reconnects me with the lush beauty of Vermont, and the quirky and inspired individuals who call it home.”