Beer ‘n Biking in Burke

This past weekend the MTBVT crew attended the Northeast Kingdom’s Burke Bike ‘n Brew Festival. The following is a synopsis of the gala fueled by day-ride afterglow and the aforementioned brews.

Above: Clarkdwell Clark Tables off the drop in. Photo: Ryan Thibault

I have considered bikes and beers dear friends for some time now. I find they compliment each other well, if visited in the proper order that is. So, hanging with my ol’ friends in a place like Burke makes for quite the reunion.

First and foremost, I have to credit Kingdom Trails. Each time I go to Burke I laugh at all the hype my home trails generate. I ride among the hordes of Quebecois and I leave awed. You see, Burke has the ability to reaffirm itself as the East’s absolute mecca of the cycling world visit after visit. I grew up here, ridden there, and I have to say this place is well worth the trip. Just ask anyone from Quebec. (Oh, and those French Canadians you see rocking the spandex overalls and smoking butts trail side? Yeah, good luck keeping up with those guys. They lapped our party twice in half an hour merci beaucoup.)

Secondly, I have to give credit to Ideride. Knight and Lilias Ide know how to put on a show. I think these photos speak for themselves but imagine this: we’re sitting in the beer garden, basking in the alpenglow and watching a group of Knight’s minions chuck their carcasses off a death-defying drop into a sizable booter. Ahhh, the bikin’ life!

Above: Rocco Quinteliani tailwhips the drop in. “Holy ^%*#!” says the kid in the front, taking the words out of my mouth. Photo: Ryan Thibault

If you missed it this year, come back in 2011 while the festival still has a grassroots feel. I give it a few more years before you have to fight your way to the front of the beer line to fill your Long Trail Ale pint glass with Pabst.

Peace in the Northeast Kingdom and the Middle Eastum!

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