Ron or Not part 3

If you follow the site you may be familiar with our Ron or Not segment. If you don’t follow the site… well you should. And if you have not seen Ron or Not part one and two go back and do your homework.

Um, Ok. I stumbled upon this scene yesterday on a pastoral side road in Stowe. As I cruised over a knoll I found this guy swerving along the road’s shoulder. WTF is that I thought. Surely this is the symptom of a lost bet? I swung wide, passed the box-beast-man and pulled over ahead of him. I snapped this shot and when he passed I shouted¬†“What the hell are you doing?”

He trundled by without a word, made a left at the next intersection, and hammered up a hill and out of sight. Again, WTF?!!

OK people. Lets crowd-source an answers to this mystery:

1) Was this a Dr. Ron Murray sighting?
2) If so, why the f is he riding with a box on his head? Maybe his magnificent beard fell out and he is afraid to show his hideous face?
3) If it was Ron, what did he order from Pottery Barn?


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