Mavic Crossmax Enduro demo w/ Knight Ide & Jeff Lenosky

Jeff Lenosky and the Mavic crew invited Knight Ide, fellow racer Paul Dotsenko, and I to demo the new Mavic Crossmax Enduro wheel set. The Kingdom Enduro had just ended and after the podiums had been summited and champaign popped we headed over to the Mavic tent where resident mechanic Pete swapped out the boys hoops. Fresh sets of Crossmax Enduros were installed on Knight and Paul’s bikes while Lenosky gave us the rundown on the technology.


According to Mavic the “Crossmax Enduro is 100% developed to maximize the enduro experience.” The Enduros utilize the same Wheel-Tire-System (WTS) that Mavic developed for its high-end road wheels. They accomplish the enduro race specific performance by pairing a front 21mm wide and rear 19mm wide rim. Proprietary tires compliment each rim; Up front the wheel set runs Mavic’s new Charge 2.4-inch tire and in the rear the new Roam XL tire rounds out the pair (2.2 inches wide for 27.5 wheels, 2.3 for 26-inch).


The Charge uses a softer compound and an agressive tread pattern with pronounced side knobs. This configuration allows the front wheel/tire to contribute to what you want it to do: grip corners!


The Roam’s dual compound rubber utilizes a stiffer compound on the tire’s center-line of ramped knobs. The tire allows for more forward traction and less roll resistance.

In theory the rim/tire combos maximize control and rolling efficiency.

The wheels are 6-bolt disc brake compatible, UST tubeless-ready, and feature internal spoke milling, shaving weight without compromising stiffness or strength. The front wheel is compatible with 15mm and 20mm axles and standard quick releases with optional adapters. The rear wheel accepts QR, 12×135, or 12×142 axles.

Currently Available: 26/650b(27,5).”
Weight : approx’ 1660 grams (pair)


I have to admit, if it were all a fashion show Knight’s John Deere green Santa Cruz adorned with those bright yellow rims would have taken the tiara! Fashion aside, it was apparent that Mavic had paid a lot of attention to detail on their new Enduro specific wheels.

After the wheels were installed we headed to the lift and the boys proceeded to bang off a series of Jester laps. Here are a few images from our afternoon session. Notice how those rims shine!








After multiple laps and a thorough Burke Bike Park romp Knight had this to say about the Crossmax Enduros:

“The new Mavic Enduro tire/wheel combo are lighter and stiffer than my current set up and the tires are developed specifically for enduro racing. The idea is that the front hooks up and the rear drifts predictably. This’s how Jeff explained it and I felt it work on the trail. I also noticed they rolled much faster and got up to speed on the gradual grade descents where my maxxis minions felt sluggish.”

So, there you have it folks. The new Maxis Crossmax Enduros receive the MTBVT stamp of approval for both style and functionality!

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