Windham Downhill Qualifying Results

Erik Timmerman

Aaron Gwin and Rachel Atherton take pole position for tomorrows finals!

Men’s top-5:

Aaron Gwin @2:39.987

Loic Bruni @ 2:42.278

Troy Brosnan @ 2:43.065

Greg Minnaar @ 2:45.265

Gee Atherton @ 2:45.539

Gee Atherton is stuck in a Syndicate Sandwich between Bryceland and Minnaar. Tension should be high in the start gate tomorrow.Standout results by Steve Smith in 8th place, Matt Walker of New Zealand putting a 69 plate into 11th and Sam Hill continuing to move up the ranks into 20th as he prepares for Worlds in Andorra.



gwinloic brunibrosnangreg minnaar gee

tracey hannah
Tracey Hannah skimming through the rock garden.

Women’s Top-5

Rachel Atherton @ 3:05.135

Myriam Nicole @ 3:07.527

Tahnee Seagrave @ 3:14.821

Manon Carpenter @3:15.300

Tracey Hannah @ 3:17.872

Manon Carpenter trying not to get buried in “The Graveyard”.
Tahnee calmly pilots her Devinci to 3rd place.
Myriam Nicoles nerves have gone away and she is clearly back up to full speed. 2nd place today.
Rachel only won qualifying by 2 seconds today. A cruiser maybe? Either way, the 50 points she took home was enough to clinch the World Cup Overall. Maybe now she’ll let someone else have a chance.


First quali run for the missile.
First quali run for the missile.


Bonus Missy Giove content! Missy Giove makes the main event in 17th place after a 12 year break from racing. Missy crashed in her qualifying run, but luckily was shown a red flag for another downed rider and was given a re-run… several hours after her first run. She spent some nervous time pedaling around at the top of the mountain and had another tough run, but made it to tomorrow’s finals.

The missile in morning practice.
The missile in morning practice.