Cooling Off With A Creemee

By: Myles Trainer

“Can we just mosey this ride?” my brother asked leaving our yard to enter the forest. Waking late the morning after the fourth of July, there was nothing that I wanted more than a “mosey ride.” With summer in full swing the pace of riding gets heated. More time on the bike improves strength, and most group rides turn into rally fests racing each other down segments of trail that have seared into memory. Today was about getting out on the bikes in search of some maple treats.

Blasting down the Bobsled Trail.

We called a friend and she hopped on the plan after hearing “creemee,” saying she would meet us there. The word pulsated in our dehydrated heads as we wandered through backyard trails in the direction of Lake Pauline. We didn’t charge the climbs; we just pedaled for the sake of pedaling. What’s there to worry about when you are a kid on a summer day, but getting that sought after Vermont treat?

The route from our home to the Green Mountain Sugar House, on Lake Pauline, consisted of homemade single track, dirt roads, and even a full throttle VAST trail. After dawdling through our woods we transitioned shortly onto a dirt road before entering the VAST system. In the winter we call it the Bobsled Trail for its ripping banked corners that curl over from snowmobiles like the tops of creemees. We dove in, making quick turns through grass that had grown to touch our knees. The second half led us through a maple and pine mixed forest with small water bars that provided the fun.

We lounged on the lawn of the store, absorbing some much-needed vitamin D and maple creemee. Whether it be the local cruiser ride or going to grab a snack, it was a good reminder of the other joys a bicycle can provide. Practicing wheelies we made our way home. Content with a purposeful ride based around something other than speed, we finished descending the trails home. Our turns may have been a little lethargic; we didn’t care we were just out for a different kind of ride.

Descending the trails home.