Crankbrothers Highline Dropper Post

Crankbrothers released the 160mm version of their Highline dropper post this past April, at Sea Otter Classic. As a taller rider, I was anxiously awaiting a longer post option than the previous 125mm version, and wasted no time in putting this beauty to the test:

Installation was a breeze. The Highline is cable actuated, and requires no hydraulic bleeding or hydraulic cable cutting during setup, resulting in significant time savings. I pulled my old post out, trimmed the cable and housing to the proper length, set the bar-mounted remote level to my desired angle, adjusted the cable tension on the barrel adjuster, installed the seat, and was off: 20 minutes tops, headache-free. The remote lever offers nearly infinite adjustment with its ball-and-socket design, and can be mounted in just about any configuration on your bars without any fuss.


I’ve been on the Highline since April, riding across the US in various climates, terrain, and conditions. The post is quiet and smooth, doing its job without any problems. The stealth black color is aesthetically pleasing, and the insertion height markers printed on the post help riders remember exactly which height to set it and forget it. So far, I have simply ran the post either completely extended or fully slammed- but you can set it to any desired height you choose. I have yet to experience any bleed issues, or any need to service the post. The post doesn’t wobble, or stick- and simply feels smooth and quiet. It’s the kind of dropper you don’t even think about or notice: always reliable and happy to get you there and back.


Coming off of a Reverb, I was curious if I would notice a difference between hydraulic or cable-actuated posts. In this case, I didn’t. In fact, so far I have preferred the Highline for a few reasons: installation and service is simple and pain-free, the easily adjustable remote lever is comfortable and ergonomic, and the post is actually quieter (not a deal breaker by any means, but a nice surprise nonetheless). Head over to for more information, and big thank you to David and George for facilitating this test!

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