Stevens Pass Bike Park – 5 Reasons to go

Stevens Pass Bike Park has been growing for the better part of a decade now, located about 1.75 hours East of Seattle. While it isn’t Vermont, it is a rad part of the country very similar to the Northeast and worth exploring on your next jaunt out west. Here are a few reasons to put this spot on your list:


  1. The dirt: Stevens Pass sits high enough in elevation to receive frequent rain showers, and retain moisture within the ground. As a result, the trails are often tacky hero dirt just begging to be ridden at high speed, with natural roots and rocks thrown in for good measure.
  2. PBR: This jump trail winds its way down under the lift and through the dense NW woods with smooth manicured berms, step-ups, step-downs, hips, wooden features, and multiple lines sure to please any jumper, and encourage rowdy trains with your friends.
  3. Leavenworth: while about 40 minutes away from the actual bike park, the town of Leavenworth is a great place to grab some Bavarian-style food and beer, camp or find lodging, jump in the river, and explore some local trails in and around town for bonus fun.
  4. The lift: Stevens Pass spins a high-speed quad up to the top of the park, which means endless quick laps with your friends. No need to pedal up, shuttle, or wait forever for a slower fixed grip lift bump back up.
  5. Slingshot Wookie: This natural trail dives in and out of the woods, up and over roots and rocks through lush NW mountain terrain. Bonus: if you go fast enough, you can find extra doubles and gaps sure to keep things loose and interesting.   

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