Seeking Experienced Wrench

Ranch Camp, Stowe, Vermont’s trailside hub for bikes, beers and burritos is seeking a part time experienced bicycle mechanic. 

You: an experienced bike mechanic who loves demystifying bike jargon and making bikes hum.
Us: a rider owned shop located at the trailhead of one of New England’s finest trail networks.
We: create a community around mountain bikes, craft beer, and healthy food.

Together, we’ll help people understand all of the fiddly bits on their bike so that stuff works the way it should. You’ll be supporting a few other wrenches in the quest for a better, more peaceful mountain bike world. Our trail head location means riding bikes is part of your daily routine. Our focus on community means you’ll make tons of friends. And your super deep well of experience means you’ll be wicked good at tuning suspension, placing parts orders, and servicing bikes from all ends of the spectrum. 

Full job description:
As Ranch Camp’s Wrench, you’ll be responsible for supporting the service department, working under the direction of the service manager / full time mechanic. You’ll be the “face of bike service” at Ranch Camp, and will help campers understand everything from stem length to positive and negative air pressure chambers.

Ranch Camp is focused primarily on mountain bikes, with a secondary focus on fat and gravel bikes, so experience and an intimate understanding of suspension and custom tuning is a must. Depending on the day and season, you’ll be responsible for general diagnostics, bike building, and everything in between.

You’ll also be responsible for ensuring the overall health of the Ranch Camp’s rental and demo fleet, and ensuring the bikes are all up to snuff on a day to day basis.

Our goal at Ranch Camp is to demystify mountain bikes, create the most welcoming, community-centric space we can, and help people understand how to make their bikes perform their best. You (hopefully) really enjoy educating riders and communicating in an easy to understand manner how they can get the most out of their bikes, and why the require the service they do.

Perks include: trailhead location and daily, paid ride breaks, competitive salary with performance incentive program; health insurance stipend; the opportunity to help us build the most unique bike shop and community hub in the northeast.

If this is you, please submit a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to

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