MTBVT launches the Backyard Trailside Tavern!


The triumvirate of manchildren that lacked the common sense to leave well enough alone after partnering on MTBVT and opening Ranch Camp in 2018 are back at it.  This time, they’ve brought their disruptive entrepreneurial spirit and paradigm shifting business acumen to the parking lot game. “Let’s face it, parking lots are boring.  When I park my car, I want to be wowed.  Let’s make parking lots great again” said Nate Freund, serial entrepreneur, chief operating officer, and one of the half-wits behind a new venture dubbed The Backyard at Ranch Camp.


The Backyard piggybacks Ranch Camp, a trailside full service bike shop with a fast casual eatery attached.  This so-called “mountain bike base lodge,” is situated at the base of Stowe’s Cady Hill Forest, which plays host to some of the best singletrack in the northeast.  “Yeah I guess it’s kinda sweet that we can park at the bottom of Charlie’s [trail] now, but dude, tell me one other parking lot that literally has its own bar.  Still thinking?  Yeah that’s because there is none.  Er wait, there are none.  Is or are?  Dammit.  There ain’t none?”  This according to Evan Chismark, Ranch Camp’s general manager and grammatical simpleton. 

Ryan Thibault, the Backyard’s creative director and uninformed commercial real estate developer added, “We just fell in love with this parking lot the second we laid eyes on it and thought, ‘hey you know what would be awesome? A friggin’ bar and restaurant in this parking lot.’ So that’s what we did.  We bought a huge parking lot and put a friggin’ bar in it.  So you know, now you can park your car, and then get some food or whatever.” 



Thibault, an internationally known artist, is also curating the new space with his own unique style. “Pretty sure the roots of street art stem from people who parked their cars and then were bored because there’s no bar.  So our vibe will have a bit of that urban skate and graffiti edge to it.”

Chismark, who also clearly doesn’t comprehend the fact that the parking lot will provide ample space for mountain bikers looking to start and end their ride at a trailside mountain bike oasis added, “some people like to park their cars late at night and then do stuff, so we’ll make sure the night owls are well taken care of too.”  Which one can only assume means the Backyard at Ranch Camp will be one of the few places in Stowe offering late night food and drink.

“We’re visionaries, we’re taking this platform global. Pretty soon you’ll see parking lots all over the world that have their own bars.  Like, you can park your car, then walk over to a place that has booze and stuff.  Game changer, dude,” said Freund.

If you’d like to check out this amazing new place to park your car, check out, or on social at @backyardvt

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