Norco BigFoot 1 Suspension Review

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ABOVE: Ev’ on Campfire Trail at Perry Hill

Norco’s been in the fatbike game for a while and their pedigree shows. The no-nonsense line of Bigfoot fatbikes are built on a robust platform that strikes a nice balance between affordability and drool-worthy kit.

I’ll admit, my take on fatbikes has traditionally erred on the side of more conservative geometry; I’ve always been of the opinion that more conservative geometry reaps greater benefits on the climb than aggressive geo does on the descents. And perhaps that’s because a lot of the other bike’s I’ve ridden were either gratuitously slack (no thanks), or steep and outdated (also no thanks) Norco’s Bigfoot 1 clocks in at a 68 degrees which sounds conservative on paper, but having now ridden it in a variety of conditions, 68 degrees seems to be the Goldilocks number on a fatty.

ABOVE: The Manitou Mastodon Pro is a benchmark in fatbike suspension

ABOVE: Miller and Evan squatchin’ around on their Bigfoots

Seated climbing is a breeze on this thing, and descending, thanks to the Manitou Mastodon Pro, is just plain fun. Our terrain here in the northeast is not so extreme as to warrant a bike that takes geometry to any particular extremes, and for just that reason, the B.C. born and bred Bigfoot fits right in.

I’ll spare you the agony of kit highlights, as you can find that all on Norco’s website. But Norco have specc’d this bike very wisely, including higher end bits where it counts (XT drivetrain? Studdable tires? Hell yeah!), and saving some dough elsewhere, like with X-Fusion’s Manic dropper post (a magic blend of affordability and functionality).

ABOVE: If you are looking for a quality USA made bag that’s not outrageously priced, Oveja Negra is the ticket! 

Norco offers the Bigfoot in four different versions, with the Bigfoot 3 starting at way less than $2k ($1749 to be precise), each offering quite a bit of bang for the buck.

If I were to sum up the Bigfoot in a word or two, I’d say “sporty” and “balanced.” It’s got plenty of get-up-and-go for the those long climbs, but still plenty of descending confidence without sacrificing agility.

ABOVE: Miller in attack mode

The question begs to be asked, for $3200 will people be looking for carbon? Maybe. But for this fatbiker, I’ll take the alloy frame, crisp XT shifting, and a buttery smooth Mastodon Pro, even at the expense of a half pound or so.

Ready to experience one for yourself? Try a Bigfoot today… 

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