DIY and Low Tech Bike Bling

It started as a perfectly good watch.

And to be fair, it wasn’t my favorite, but it was one of my regulars, and it is now enjoying a second life.

I’ve called the Casio G-Shock the Toyota pickup of watches- they just work regardless of the abuse and neglect they endure.  They basically run through anything, keep consistent time, and the battery life is excellent.

So you can imagine my surprise when I reached into a moving box, caught my watch on the lip, and the watch tumbled off of my wrist. NOf course I figured I could just pop the pins back in and get back to normal, but somehow I’d torn the pin hole right out of the case.

Left with a perfectly functioning timing device that was unwearable as a watch, I remembered an article I’d read a couple of years ago about converting a watch to a bike computer with two part epoxy and a Garmin base mount.  It was basically a DIY version of some ridiculous hipster jewelry analog cycling computer…so basically I was totally into it.

With no real plan other than letting the glue do the work, I slapped together the glue and the watch case in the hopes that I could make it all work somehow.

Through the magic of modern adhesives, my plan worked.  The base was firmly affixed to the watch and I was now the proud owner of a low tech bike computer.  Really it was as much about that- keeping basic time so that I could keep my lunchtime rides within my allotted break time.

I’ve spent so long measuring rides, performances, and checking myself against my own expectations.  Riding purely for fun and to enjoy the feel has been a new experience, and a most welcome one.  Years of quantifying rides in kilojoules, miles, and vertical feet has given way to just enjoying being out on two wheels again.

Or maybe I just couldn’t throw it out.

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