Kids on Bikes part 2

Seven year old Stokely Ryder asks “What do you like about Biking?”

Photos by Mark Puleio

All summer long I watched the neighbor kids ride their bikes. They’d start early in the day making laps around our otherwise quiet street. Hooting and hollering they were endlessly entertained.

On occasion they would appear on my door step with a mechanical issue.  My wife would call up to my office.

“Ryan, Stokley is here to see you.”

At the front door I would find three groms with bike parts in hand. I’d fix the broken chain, make a few other adjustments, and join them for a few laps around the yard.

I am 32 years old and I am not afraid to admit that my ambition parallels that of an eight year old. Biking is freedom. It keeps you young in heart and soul.

I think Stokely explains it best:

I wake ready to get rocking and rolling on my bike too! See you in the yard little buddy.

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  1. says: Tristan

    This is what it’s all about. I can still remember those early days as a child
    ( Uh some still say I am) of riding around the neighborhood. Every year venturing farther and farther from home. Now in my finer years I can see the progression neighborhood laps, hitting jumps, turned into cross country rides in spandex and then to Mt. Snow for the Downhill nationals; sacred ground back in those days. I still get that same exciting feeling every time I grab my bike and maybe that’s why some still say I’m a kid; well….. that’s all right by me.

  2. says: Jason

    This is an everyday occurrence here in Waterbury! Cycling is definitely strategy, especially for kids. Rider vs. bike vs. elements!
    Wheels around Waterbury embraces the youth rider…expanding, growing, and nurturing passion into the trails! Check us out!

  3. says: Gail Blackburn

    I love this awesome story from the eyes and mind of a seven year old! Keep it up Stokely – the picture & your words speaks for itself – that you are really enjoying what you are doing! And yes, this brings back memories from my childhood riding around the neighborhood and trying to keep up with all the other kids and yet, enjoying every minute of it.

  4. I remember when I first learned to ride a bike….YES, I can remember that far back! I remember how much FUN it was to ride down a hill, how much FUN it was to soar across a jump, to ride through a creek. I had a few wrecks on my bike and I will proudly show you my scars – they are all special to me. But the BEST thing about biking…..when I ride it today it makes me feel like I am 7 years old all over again! Riding a bike is one way we boys can be like Peter Pan….and never grow up! My helmet is off to you, Stokely, for finding the JOY in riding a bike!

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