Vitamin B is for Bacon

Nothing packs a belly like good ol’ bacon. Whether you’re headed out for an all-day epic or headed back to bed, bacon is your friend. I find a healthy dose before a bike ride keeps my energy from waning and my lips from chapping.

So, if your bacon fix needs filling, we at Mountain Bike Vermont recommend tapping the swine vein with Vermont Smoke and Cure brand bacon. Ohhh baby this is good hawg!

When I first served some to Vince recently his reaction was, “Wow, this actually tastes like meat!” Silly Canuck. This ain’t no run-a-the-mill Canadian back bacon. (Though the company was founded by French Canadian immigrant Roland LeFebvre 50 years ago.)

This is the real Vermont deal. But don’t just take our word for it. This is what the company has to say: “For us, fine smoking continues the tradition of craftsmanship Vermonters are famous for. We craft our meats in small batches according to recipes grown from our Vermont history – and we’ve been using these traditional methods for over 45 years.”

Vermont Smoke and Cure offers three types of bacon: Natural and Humane; Vermont Grown; and Original. There is an uncured variety and they all come in different thicknesses. We recommend the thickest you can find.

If you really want to enjoy the Smoke and Cure bacon experience, try my favorite recipe: take a half rasher, put it between two slabs of French Toast, melt cheddar cheese on it and then douse it in copious amounts of Vitamin M (maple syrup). I’m pretty sure this accounts for all your food groups, provided you pair it with a Bloody Mary.

According to the company, their pigs “eat only grains and legumes, minerals and pasture or hay.” If that’s the case, we bacon lovers are practically vegetarians! So, go out and get some VT S&C bacon and taste the Vermont terroir.

Vermont Smoke and Cure – the best thing to come out of Barre since…well, let’s just say it’s the best thing to come out of Barre.


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