Take This Bike for a Spin in Your Office

Are you stuck in a boring video conference at work, longingly staring out at the sunny sky, day-dreaming of shredding singletrack? Well our media friends north of the border have come up with the perfect office “tool” to help with those weekday meeting doldrums.

Simply log on to CBC’s “Vert Alert” game and you can shred all the sniggles you want while collecting golden bike tires, hucking big inverted airs and avoiding pits of prehistoric rib cages. And best of all it’s a free, live-streaming game so you can stare at your computer screen and pretend to pay attention to the meeting while pulling 360’s over streams of boiling lava.

Vert Alert is a scrolling-style game reminiscent of early time-killers like Defender and Super Mario Bros. All you need to operate the mountain bike are up/down arrow keys (which help you speed up or slow down) and left/right arrow keys (which lean you forwards and backwards) and a spacebar, which allows you to flip directions. Never been able to pull off a backflip before? Now it’s as easy as hitting one key on your computer while simultaneously pretending to listen to the VP’s quarterly report. Just be sure to press mute on the two sound icons at the bottom of the Vert Alert screen so the other meeting attendees don’t get suspicious.

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