Double win at Sugarbush for MTBVT rider Ali Zimmer!

Words: Ali Zimmer

Eastern States Cup Sugarbush Super-D
Sugarbush Super D was a really fun course, although weather and the resort not being open yet posed some challenges. The mass start event lead up a good hill climb, initially steep which made the initial sprint to ‘big birch’ an almost dizzying and exhausting feat. The second half of the DH was ‘Burly Maple’ which held to its name with a ridiculous amount of spring mud and slop. I had a good lead from the initial climb, and had no challengers the rest of the course, finishing about 20+ seconds before the next rider came in.

Eastern States Cup Sugarbush DH
The Sugarbush DH course is steep, fast, and exhausting, as you never get a break. Although there is barely any pedaling, the varied terrain, wet, muddy, super slick conditions had you on your toes! My first practice run resulted in a hard crash and a few minor injuries (at the vary same spot many other riders crashed, one breaking his hip, another 3 ribs!) Thus my confidence on the course was only fair, however I had 2 good practice runs on Sunday, and with just light drizzle on my race run my goal was to be conservative, use the race as training, and have a clean run. Taking the win was added bonus to a terrific weekend!

Photo: Sugarbush Resort

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