Winterbike 2017 Retrospective


Words by Thibault, Pictures courtesy of Bear Cieri

On March 4th fatbikers were called to the scene of a domestic dispute between Mother Nature and her delinquent husband Ol’ Man Winter. Upon arrival we found the couple embroiled in an exchange of arctic hurricane gusts. In a moment of collective heroism fueled by irrational exuberance, all bystanders braved the -30˙windchilled crossfire and jumped in the epic fray that will be forever known as “Winterbike 2017”.

The sun shone, the trails gleamed, and the beer flowed… until it froze. Like Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, 300 dedicated bikers and 50+ die-hard local support crew huddled around hobo fires, cycling to the inside to warm up, and back to the outside to re-up on beer slush. By 2:00pm everyone had cheshire smiles frozen on their faces. 

Said the man we found embedded in the snowbank behind Village Sports Trailside,  “It wasn’t the heat, it was the Humidity!” before he succumbed to the elements. 

The riding was good too. 

Thank you to all of the intrepid participants, vendors, ride leaders, volunteers, hand warmer manufacturers, maple liquor distillers and everyone who came out to celebrate the festival this year. No matter what the weather, we keep the party rollin’!

Thanks to Tretap, von Trapp Brewing, Salsa Cycles, Clark Brothers Racing (Moat Mtn Brewing), East Burke Sports, and Village Sports for your support! 

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