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Drop by the MTBVT offices anytime and you’ll find Ryan squatting on a blue, rubber yoga ball in front of his computer. He looks like a frog humping a giant blueberry but he’ll tell you “it’s good for my posture.” (You’ll find Vince nowhere near the office as he’s usually on a perfectly respectable bar stool in the Matterhorn.)

You’ll also notice our bikes propped against the wall looking abandoned and forlorn. But recently we discovered a way to look cool while sitting at our computers and ride our bikes at the same time!

The STORE MUU design studio in Tokyo, Japan, has recently crafted the “Pit In” work station which allows you to pull your bike right up to your computer. It’s sleek, functional and we figure with an easy modification in the form of a stationary bike trainer, you’ll be able to ride and work at the same time. (We recommend the Forza Bicycle Trainer, if only because the salesman looks like Andre the Giant’s little brother. See video below.)

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