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Yesterday while wandering the web I was stopped dead in my tracks. I had stumbled upon a video that captured the untimely beauty of the early spring riding in Vermont. Not an easy task given the post apocalyptic appearance of our pre-foliage month. But, I think you’ll agree this montage captures the essence of early April pedaling.

Allow me to introduce Henry Miles, a youngster with a sharp eye and mind for editing. I’ll let Henry take it from here.

MTB – Hey Henry, How’s it hanging man?
Henry – Not too bad. Waiting for summer.

MTB – How old are you anyway? Vermonter born and raised?
Henry – I am 18 years of age. Vermonter from the start.

MTB – How did you get into filming? How did you learn those skills? School?
Henry – I guess I got into filming from riding. I wanted to try out the artsy side of the sport. The skills came pretty naturally. After some trial and error of course…

MTB – About your vid, can you tell us where that is?
Henry – The trails in my friends back yard in Dorset.

MTB – Looks a bit like a home grown trail eh?
Henry – You betchya. It’s the way to go.

MTB – Who’s your buddy there? He rides with some authority….
Henry – Matt Lareau. Good friend and super fun to film with.

MTB – What cam’ equipment are you running?
Henry – At the moment I’m filming with a Canon T2i with a few different lenses. Looking to upgrade for the summer however.

MTB – So you live in Manchester, is there good trails near by?
Henry – Not exactly. We have a new MTB club that is getting things going, which is sweet.

MTB – Favorite place to ride?
Henry – I’d have to say Crested Butte, CO.

MTB – What/who inspires you?
Henry – Aaron Larocque’s videos always get me real stoked.

MTB – What can we expect to see from you next?
Henry – A variety of stuff. I’m hoping to get into the dirt jump scene as well this summer.

MTB – Anyone you would like to thank?
Henry – Everyone who hikes their bike for me. Thanks guys.

MTB – Thanks Henry

For more of Henry’s work check out his face book page and “Like” it.

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  1. says: Vince

    My gawd! This is an awesome video! Its like “Life Cycles” quality. When I was 18 I could barely turn on my TV to watch 90210, let alone figure out how to use a video camera. This is f’n brilliant. Keep up the good work Henry.

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