It’s Like Riding a Bowl of Spaghetti in a Sauna

Mason Bixby and Vince Hempsall converse with a local in Mud City

Thank God there are plenty of mountain streams in Vermont because the past two days of riding in Lamoille County have seen more sweat than a New Jersey factory. It’s humid here (70% humidity in fact) but that hasn’t stopped us from breaking out the cross-countries and getting wet.

First stop was Cady’s Falls near where Ryan lives in Hyde Park. This area is like riding a bowl of spaghetti –- it’s impossible to know where it begins and ends. Even the locals get lost up here.

Below is a sample of a conversation that took place between two people who have lived here and ridden these trails for over a decade:

“Dude, where do you want to go next?”
“Let’s do that trail that starts in the field and then breaks out over those roll-downs towards that other trail.”
“You mean the one that goes left over those roots?”
“No, what one is that?”
“You know, it starts back there and has a few loops on it before the uphill.”
“The one where Hank crashed?”
“No, I don’t think so. Did he crash?”
“Let’s just go up for a ways and then go down again.”

We will definitely NOT be mapping this area because it would be like trying to pinpoint the strands of hair on Sideshow Bob’s head. However, the parking lot is easy to find and the swimming hole beside it is cool and refreshing. Just watch out for the biting red ants.

The next area in the county we visited was Mud City. This place makes a lot more sense – beautiful pine needle trails through green fern gullies beside tepid streams. Lots of head dunks along the way and a great swimming hole on Mud City Loop road beside the bridge.

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