Today we were stoked to find this impressive little montage of our boy Sasha Yakovleff filmed and edited by the crew over at Alpine Live Media. We’ve known Sasha builds and destroys dirt jumps for some time. It’s nice to see him get some deserved air time!

Much credit is also due to Alpine Live. It is rare to see a clips of this quality from the east coast. We figured we better dig a little deeper and got a few words form Ryan Denning, one of the camera men and editors. 

My name is Ryan Denning, I’m 26 years old and I’m from the Seacoast, NH. I originally picked up a camera in college, almost four years ago, with the intentions of filming myself and friends skiing. It’s quickly become my life, I love shooting and I’m still an avid skier. My friends and I started a media production agency called Alpine Live Media and my partners absolutely crush it (Shout to Lucas Van Oss and Andy Madea). We spend a lot of time in Vermont skiing Bolton Valley. Skiing and surfing make up most of the content when we’re not working on brand commercials or event video.

Sasha and I were both Recreation Management Majors at The University of New Hampshire and we had always talked about filming up at Highland and getting him some promotional content. Almost four years later we finally did. We starting to shoot somewhere around April and met up with him a number of times during the summer at these crazy hidden spots that he had built. Then came Highland, which was the pinnacle, a culmination of all this footage we had piled up throughout the year. The rest is history, we hope you like it!


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