Trail I.D. Tuesday 4/16/13

OK, take a guess. Shouldn’t be too hard. Winner gets a high five and an MTBVT sticker pack.

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  1. says: keenan

    That would definitely be Jaw. Very surprised Jeff and Chris could make it through that wonderful trail this winter seeing as we just cleared about 25 blowdowns from its corridor.

  2. says: Chris Dussault

    You can tell that my rear tire is running a bit low there. I didn’t notice for another half mile or so, when it finally reached 0psi. Damn hawthorns!

    1. says: Jon

      If this is the CJ I think it is you have major inside knowledge 🙂 Plus you’re gonna be too busy planning the new Flow Trail to be playing with stickers!

      Seriously though, congrats on the Bell Built grant, and send us a mailing address on FB or and you’ve got a congratulatory sticker pack headed your way.

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