Peak 6, 12 or 24 Hour MTB Challenge Q&A

Q:September 22nd? I thought this race was on September 9th. What gives?

A:It turns out we’re skilled at designing trails and race courses, but have horrible luck with dates. This particular date will remain for perpetuity. We swear!

Q:Didn’t you guys used to have a Mountain Bike Race called The 666 Race?

A:Yep. This is it, but tweaked a bit. The race creators are the type of guys who think that six hours on a bike is just a warmup ride, so they raised the bar.

Q:How’s the course?

A:Have you ever ridden the Green Mountain Trails? This is a best of: A twelve mile loop, 95% swoopy, flowy singletrack. What we don’t offer: Fire roads, street crossings, mud holes, hike a bikes, bushwacks, or cowbells (unfortunately).

Q:A pig roast?

A:Yes indeed, and we’re proud to say that the pig lived a happy life right on the premises at the pig castle of Amee Farm (that’s not a joke.)

Q:What’s in it for me?

A:Fun, challenge, a tshirt, grub, awards for the top finishers, bragging rights.

Q:Is it too late to sign up?

A:Nope. Register at until September 21st. Heck, we’ll even welcome day of registrants. See you there!

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