MTBVT Gets Busted

The future of Überwintern is in your hands.


As a result of the front page picture in last week’s Stowe Reporter showing kegs of beer up at the Green Chair the Town of Stowe has made the following request:

For any event where we intend to serve alcohol outside to the public, an entity that possesses a state liquor license will have to obtain a catering permit from the Town, whether it’s on town land or not. The permit can be purchased for the exorbitant fee of $20.00. The license will cover our asses for events that accommodate up to 50 people (approximately 2 kegs and 9 bottles of booze). This puts us in a interesting situation for next year. We intend to throw an even bigger Überwintern (three kegs, 12 bottles), but anything larger than 50 people requires Selectboard approval.

So, I ask you, the pedaling public, do we:

A) Move our fat bike circus deeper into the woods and outside the Man’s jurisdiction, foregoing the extra scrutiny while encouraging you to spend your hard earned dollars in hotels, bars and restaurants in a neighboring community where they welcome us with open arms at no additional cost?

B) Pay the $20 and increase each and every one of your registration fees by $0.20 and continue to serve complimentary beverages?

c) Ban all press and confiscate all cameras and smart phones at the door?

A quandary indeed. You make the call.

P.S. All this makes me wonder, what if we were playing softball on the town’s fields? Would we suffer the same persecution?

See you all at Winterbike (free beer).

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  1. says: John Peters

    A) or B), whichever is more amusing. Überwintern was an absolute hoot. about another twenty cents or a buck added to registration. Hell, invite the selectboard.

  2. says: Brian S

    $20, I’ll pay the money just keep it local.
    Every 50 people can be a different ride A ride, B ride and so on.
    If they all meet at the same place we can’t help that.
    besides if its -14 again I doubt they will be looking for us.
    or there not kegs’ there stools.

  3. says: JEM

    If you go with a permit then you have to serve in a contained area that can be monitored bybthe alcohol provider… I say go to the woods!!

  4. says: Shawne Camp

    Interesting dilemma indeed.
    Thought – what if Long Trail came to event and they were providing beer for an outdoor event? They are already established and can probably navigate any obstacles with the town in an effective manner that’s a win win for all.
    I can say that Janay and I spent a crud of money in hotel, food, local shops and 3 bottles of Maple Liquer to bring back to NY. We love supporting local businesses and grassroots organizations.
    With that said….a little extra in registration isn’t going ruin our day but this doesn’t address the problem of more than 50.

  5. says: Matt

    Keep it where it is and I’ll pay the extra $.20. Or $2.00. Or $20.00. I had so much fun that I don’t care.

    And would you suffer the same “persecution”? I suspect that if the local paper ran a front page photo of a bunch of people gathered around multiple kegs at said softball field, the answer would be yes!

  6. says: Selah

    I would not charge more , but say byob, move it further out of town if need be. I would encourage people who live in Stowe, ask the select board what kind of town are they trying to create? Are any of them from Vermont or Native American & remind them Vermont is for free thinkers & kind mellow nice people, & they can take their Stuck Up Attatude right down to the flat lands if they can’t learn to be kind & mellow. I grew up here & Im part Native American. Keep it real people, speak out against the uptight clicky people. Keep it real keep it kind.


  7. says: Rick

    Be aware that this is the same selectboard that just gave $20,000 to the club to build and maintain more mtb trails. They have been supportive since the inception of the club and are merely trying to navigate the law and the the needs of the community.
    Keep the event rolling, color within the lines best you can a

  8. says: Hardy

    Oh mighty Selah, you are so righteous, please continue to lay your kind, mellow and ever-potent wisdom upon us ignorant flatlander white folk. For now I will continue to study “Dances With Wolves” with the hopes of being as all-seeing, wise and accepting as you.

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