It’s important to stay well hydrated when mountain biking. Likewise it’s important to drink when editing your favorite MTB website. This particular post is brought to you by Green Mountain Organic Maple Liqueur. Which is why there are so many ssschhhpelling mischtakes.

Seriously though, during any given day we’re literally consuming gallons of Vermont’s finest liquids. Here’s a rundown:

Morning: A cup or four of Vermont Coffee Company’s 100% organic dark roast. We’re hoping to save up enough bags to trade in for a t-shirt that we can subsequently shred on the next downhill spill.

Post ride: Beer. Any beer. Well, any of the finely crafted local beer that is. Right now we’re particularly enamored with the latest round of Skadoosh APA from the Alchemist, Lost Nation’s Mosaic IPA, Trapp’s IPL and Idletyme’s Zoggs Pale Ale (there’s a bike on the label!). 

Evening: Green Mountain Organic Maple Liqueur. It’s alcohol infused with maple syrup (nectar of the gods!).  Here’s our favorite way to enjoy maple liqueur. We call it the “Sap ‘n Soda”:

Fill 1 highball glass with ice
Pour in 2 ounces maple liqueur
Fill remainder of glass with seltzer water 
Garnish with mint sprig
Sip or swill depending on how hard you want to ride tomorrow

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