Vermont TreTap Maple

While not quite a brew, this beverage still deserves a stellar review! This warm weather we’ve been having promises days of hiking and biking to come, and I’ve been craving something refreshing, thirst-quenching and new. It’s rare to find a drink that satisfies these requirements without being either chock full of sugar or flavorless. While not an alcoholic beverage, Maple Tretap still packs a punch of flavor and is definitely a revitalizing way to begin or end your adventure! The first sip shocked me with the intensity of the maple flavor. While potent, it’s not overly sweet. I’m used to syrup or maple candy – I loved the milder character here. I could see this pairing nicely with some whiskey or maple liqueur in the not-so-distant future.

TreTap Beverages uses the sap water extracted during the Maple Syrup Season from Vermont’s Finest Organic Maple Trees. Their mission is simple: provide fresh, great tasting beverages that use all natural ingredients and water from the purest source possible. Low calorie and low sugar, this tasty drink is a guilt free treat! You don’t have to worry about vetoing your hard work with this post-ride reward. It’s nice to see that the ingredients only contain things I can pronounce too, with maple water being the top of the list! Vermont Maple Tretap is a great alternative to other heavily sugared and artificially flavored drinks on the market today.

While at the fantastic Vermont Bike & Brew festival, I had the good fortune to come across the TreTap vendor booth where I was also able to sample Wild Blueberry. It was as refreshing as it sounds; not too much sweetness, just the right amount of fruit. I learned these cans are fairly easy to get a hold of. They’re available at Hannafords, Jiffy Marts, and other general stores and such throughout New England. For more info on where to find some near you, check out their website here. I plan on stocking my fridge with these bad boys soon!


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