Slideshow: Vermont’s Traildogs

We here at MTBVT love dogs! They happily play in our offices, patiently wait in our trucks, pant endlessly until the fun begins and then tear up the trails with us. They’re always down for an adventure, no matter what the weather and at the end of the day they never give us a hard time about how much fun we had. They are, in essence, the ultimate riding buddy.

So celebrate your dog, buy ’em a big bag of treats and stylish new bandana, and then reward them with yet another run on the trails!

Here’s a compilation of some of Vermont’s iconic four-legged trail smashers.

Oh, and Lisa, Andy, and Jeremy – you guys are winners for “post Green Mtn Showdown” round! Check your inboxes…


Campbell Mae

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Lisa and Sasha's 9mo old shepherd and husky pup with "sweet style", who can be seen slashing leaves and airing rollers in the NEK and beyond.


Our favorite entry from Grand Prize Winner Alaina Holliday and her dog Rags:

Excerpts from my dog’s brain:

5:45am:  She’s up! My favorite thing! We going riding?! Huh?! Huh?!! Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

6:30am: Breakfast! My favorite thing!! We going riding?! Huh?! Huh?!! Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

7:00am: A walk! My favorite thing! Wonder when we’re going riding?!  Huh?!  Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

8:00am: Swam in the river! My favorite thing! Maybe we can still go riding?!  Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

9:30am:  Rubs and love! My favorite thing!  We going riding?!  Huh?! Huh?!! Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

12:00pm: she dropped a scrap of her lunch! My favorite thing!  Maybe later we’ll go riding?!  Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

1:30pm: Manically chased my ball bouncing off the walls! My favorite thing! Still hoping to go riding!   Huh?! Huh?!! Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

2:15pm: Took a nap! My favorite thing! We going riding?!   Huh?! Huh?!! Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

3:00pm: found old peanut butter in my Kong! My favorite thing! Hoping we’re headed riding soon!  Huh?! Huh?!! Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!

3:40pm: Squirrel sighting from the window!!!!!!  My favorite thing!  Soon. Must. Be. Soon. I believe she’ll return for me.

4:30pm: She’s home! My favorite thing! We going riding?!  Huh?! Huh?!! Huh?!!  How ‘bout now? Now?!
Oh wow.  She moved the bike.
Oh yeah. There goes the pack.
Uh huh, and the helmet…and…wait for it…yuuuup…the shoes!
If I herd her maybe she can’t leave without me. Circle, circle, circle.
She’s got the bike…one free hand for……come one…..YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!   

7:30pm:  Oh Wow.  Just wow. I ran, and ran. Met some friends. Chased some wheels.
Made some shortcuts that my human clearly isn’t smart enough to figure out.
Got black with mud.
Rinsed in the river and repeated the mud bath.
Ran some more.  Launched off some sweet rocks.  Almost caught a chipmunk.
Marked everything in sight. Ran some more.
Did I mention I almost caught a chipmunk?! Ate a snack. Oh man, and seriously…I almost caught a chipmunk!!
I’m so dirty.  She’s so dirty. Dirty girls, are happy girls.  *sigh*

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