Winterbike 2018 Retrospective

If we were  asked to sum Winterbike up in one word, it would be “community”.


Winterbike plays out like a small town homecoming. Over these seven years we’ve come to know each other and enjoy the company and ritual that Winterbike affords. This year felt like the party spirit of 2012 was still alive and well. That’s what happens when 300 family and friends unite to pedal together in the Vermont woods on a glorious winter’s day.

KT and MTBVT are proud to have an event that’s part of your annual fatbike experience. Nothing makes us happier than watching riders gather around the fire and listening to them spin tales of Winterbikes past. We hope 2018 provided you with a memorable time and armed you with a few new tales for seasons to come.

Thank you all for making the event what it is. Thanks to the folks from abroad for making the pilgrimage to our corner of the world. Thanks to all the locals for being such gracious hosts. Thanks for the businesses and vendors for supporting the pedaling public.

Particular thanks to:

Our newest teammate, Kingdom Trails Executive Director Abby. Congrats on joining the team!

Lil for spearheading the event

Jim at the Wildflower and Junipers for providing a most pastoral and accommodating ground zero

CJ and his trail crew for making the very most out of the trails

KT Landowners for allowing the intrusion 🙂

East Burke Sports and Village Sports for keeping us mechanically sound

The many volunteers that gave their time to make the event happen

Kingdom Experiences and the many local yokels that led the group ride charge

Burke Mountain and the Tamarack for the lodging and dining

Curt and The Public House for the after party

Specialized and Cannondale for keeping us rolling on demos

The Jay Cloud for always keeping it real

Old Spokes Home for holding down VT’s west coast 

von Trapp Brewing for the beer garden delights

Bourne’s Energy for heating us up

Halyard Brewing, Collective Arts Brewing and Moat Mountain for the BYOB.

Apex Solar for keeping us charged!

High Brew Coffee for also keeping us charged!

Clif for the energy boost 

Front Porch Forum for spreading the word.  

And the list goes on…

See you all at Winterbike #8 in 2019!


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