Watch this! 4 Year Old Hits His First Ramp at Highland Mtn Bike Park

Malcom's Dad adjusts his GoPro at the end of their ride

There’s a super fun trail at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire called Hellion. It’s one of the MTBVT crew’s favorites – a black diamond with mandatory ramps and tabletops, bridges, berms, chundery sections, drops – everything you want in a great downhill trail. It’s almost perfect.

The only thing that could make Hellion any better for us is watching it through the eyes of a young ripper hitting it for the first time.

And so: allow us to introduce four-year-old Malcolm. He recorded his descent of the trail recently with a GoPro camera mounted to the top of his helmet. Not only does he slay the trail, his cries of, “I did it! I did it!” when he drops the first ramp gives us goosebumps.

Watch this entire 9-minute video. You’ll see Malcolm jump, wipe out, bomb past his dad and, at one point, he hilariously mishears his dad’s question, “Can you see?” and responds, “No, I don’t have to pee.”

This video will take you back to that memory of the first slab you rode or that first table top you cleared. It will remind you about why we all got into this sport in the first place: not for the gear; not for the posturing; not for the bro-show boasting rights. We all got into mountain biking for the sheer, unadulterated fun of it all.

Thank you for reminding us, Malcom. You are awesome and we salut you.


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