Fat Bikes, Lager Beers & Good Times

The day after Überwintern, Quebec friends David and Isabel (www.allezy.net), Ottawa amigo Sean, riding partner Mason a.k.a. the Bad Man, and my family decided we’d recuperate by riding to the local brewery.

Our Sunday pilgrimage to Lost Nation, Morrisville’s lager brewery, has become a tradition. Home to fantastic brews and cuisine, the Lost Nation provides a promising carrot on a stick even on the mentally foggiest of mornings. And it’s a short commute. After a quick bushwhack  through the back yard and short pedal down a defunct rail bed the warm confines of the brewery await.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the telling…

photo 1Bad Man’s back yard bomb drop.
IMG_0901Team mascot Lou f’s up my shot. He thinks his name is “LOUIS NO!”
IMG_0907That’s better (L to R: Bad Man, David, Wifey Delux, Sean, and Isa’).
boobooBaby on board.

IMG_0924Again, Lou, the afro-rat in action.
IMG_1044Monsieur David in front of an ice fall in the neighboring industrial park.
IMG_1040The ever fashionable Isabelle.

IMG_1077My fav’ shot of the trip, Dave and Isa’ approach the brewery in the January’s late day light.
photo 4Come on in.
photo 3Not you Lou!
photo 2Mmmmmmm, A pint of Pitch Black (Dunkel) and a couple Black Albert Belgian Royal Stouts. Like a meal in a glass.
photo 5Big beer little Booboo.
photo 3See you all next Sunday.

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  1. says: Ryan

    Hi All, After posting this a few friends brought up a great point. My pics depict us riding a section of the soon to be Rail Trail, a corridor that is, to the best of my knowledge, in public domain. In the winter this is part of the VAST network for Snowmobiling. This is a sensitive issue for many folks. It is not permissible to much of the VAST network on fat bikes or to XC ski it for that matter. It is up to each landowners discretion if they allow pedestrian traffic on their property. Regardless, do your homework before heading out on the trails.

  2. says: Myles

    Great pictures, this looks like a great afternoon cruise. Another great way to overcome or get more people to understand the adventure that one can have while riding bikes in the winter is digging deeper into the community. I’ve heard that snowmobilers gain a ton of respect when cyclists show up to local VAST meetings and even join VAST as members. The trails are out there are for everyone to enjoy. This state is known for its camaraderie between diverse groups of people and showing that you’re devoted to supporting a privilege that many other states don’t have is a big step in creating tighter knit communities across the state.

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