Bromont Bike Park: Get up There!

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Bromont Bike Park sits just north of Vermont in the small Canadian town of Bromont, Quebec. This ski resort has been running its lifts for years, serving up all sorts of amazing trails for local and traveling riders to sink their tires into. Their trail networks is expansive and keeps growing every year.

It’s always fun to step out of the ordinary shred routine and go explore someplace new, so on a recent riding trip home in VT we dedicated 1 full October day to rallying around Bromont. Here are a few reasons to put this park on your must-ride list in the future:

2 lifts: What’s better than lapping 1 lift? Lapping 2 completely different lifts serving up a variety of riding zones. The main lift out of the Base area/Waterpark area takes riders to the summit and offers up a variety of both technical trails (#20 has fun and flowy rocks and roots) and flow trails (the Jump Park off of #20 boasts small, medium, and large jump lines).

Looking for some proper steep and deep DH runs? Head over to the second lift (it’s a high-speed quad for quick laps) and check out trails 59 and 52. Get excited/nervous dropping into technical gnarly rock rolls, mossy woods, and fern gullies. For flowing jumps, unique wood features, and a sweet river gap check out trail 57.

Old overgrown trails: It’s apparent that Bromont has been running its lifts for mountain biking for a long time: simply look into most patches of woods from above while riding the lifts, and you can pick out overgrown trails everywhere. If you look even closer, you’ll spot wood and rock features which mother nature has reclaimed. While these trails are closed for a reason, certain sections here and there remain rideable and enticing for those seeking out some bonus off-the-map adventures.

Poutine: Our friendly neighbors to the North have things pretty dialed. Make sure you order up some delicious poutine (fries smothered with gravy and cheese curds for the uninitiated) at the resort base area restaurants in between DH runs to keep yourself fueled. Edgar Hyperlodge just down the road has delicious poutine varieties, local beers, and more post-ride goodies to finish off your day.

While it can be hard to pull ourselves away from the endless New England riding right out of our doorsteps, it’s completely worth hopping in the car for the short drive north to Bromont. The DH riding is top-notch and ever-evolving, and if you throw your trail bike in the car I’m sure there are miles of local pedaling options as well.

Thanks for hosting us Bromont, we’ll be back! For more information, visit

The bottom section of Trail 18 wraps through some pretty scenic fern gullies.
Ana threading through the rocks and roots on Trail 20.
The Jump Park off of Trail 20 has a mix of large and small jump lines sure to please any jumper.
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