Meeting Of The Grinds Fest Retrospective

New events are always interesting. Will people come? Do we have all the things, people and info we need? What about the weather? Uuuugh the weather! Three days left, two days, one day… And then it’s go time. Do or die. And we’re live! 

One of my favorite parts of new events is that it always feels like a throwback to the roots of MTBVT. In the early days, it was the unknowns that provided the excitement and pleasant surprises. That was particularly true at the MOTG. We had never done “business” at Slate Valley Trails. The network is rather new. The community is fresh with an emerging scene. The infrastructure is under development. And the crowd would be small. All of these factors lent to a throw-back grassroots vibe that I hadn’t felt in some time. And it felt good! 

First off, thanks to all those that attended and helped us prove our model. Mountain biking and gravel biking can exist at one event! Lo and behold, we all wear the same chamois underneath. Second, thank you to the people of Poultney and the Slate Valley Trails community for welcoming all of us with open arms. Your hospitality MADE this event! And to our sponsors, volunteers and donors, well, we could not have done it without you. Chris and Kenny (AKA Halyard Brewing and Zero Gravity Brewing) you guys brought the party! You also walked the walk and participated in riding adventures with us which is kind of a first among our beverage sponsors. Cheers to you! 

On September 18th, 2021, 150 people gathered for the first annual Meeting Of the Grinds Cycling Fest at Slate Valley Trails. A bike party was had! Now, I could tell all of you a long and twisted tale about all the day’s escapades but I think the pics tell the story best. See what I mean…


Packing up the party…

Local host James from Analog Cycles
MTBVT Social Safari Party Ride

Deep in the East Poultney woods

Aid station 1 vista of Lake St. Catherine
Aid station thirst quencher courtesy of Rescue Club
Zero Gravity’s Chris Lee survived the ride. This crispy watermelon gose did not.

MTBVT Social Safari ride leader and pied piper of party people, Nate Freund
Emily was there….

Shag bark hickory and sedge grass make for some beautiful woods!

What up @shibbyshibbyyeah
Simple roots right there…

Ranch Camp remote kitchen crew Chef Joe and Chef Cody

Non of this would be possible with out VMBA at the helm!

“Look mom!”


Aid station number 2!
Stef Burch on the descent

Shred Dr. Josh led the days epic ride. Stoked we crossed paths mid way!
If Shane is on a bike, he’s got a grin!

Goon squad
Special guest Brice Schirbach with the tow in!
MTBVT’s Evan & first lady of SVT, Caitrin
Solid gold! Winner of the MOTG run what ya brung race (gravel vs. mtb)

Halyard Brewing squad brought the love to the after party. Volcano Juice is my jam!

SVT team in the house!

Three stooges, aka us. Never found my shoes.

Thanks again people! Much love from the MTBVT and SVT crew!


Thanks again to all of our vendors and to those that donated to our raffle:
  • Halyard Brewing
  • Kate’s Real Food
  • Zero Gravity Brewing
  • Analog Cycles
  • Heart to Table Massage
  • SDR Clothing Company
  • Saw Dog Coffee
  • Ranch Camp
  • The Gearhouse
  • Zerode Bikes
  • Vermont Mountain Bike Association
  • Vermont Adaptive
  • Bradleys Pro Shop Ski and Bike
  • Johnson and Son Bike Works
  • Gravel Tours
  • JK Adams
  • HN Williams
  • Barrows House/Dorset Inn
  • Zen Revolution
  • Dorset Union Store
  • Sweet Birch Coffee Roasters
  • Towee
  • Killington Resort
  • Highland Bike Park
  • Cabot Cheese
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